One way you can tell if a minicab service is serious about what they do and the image they project to client would be by the quality of their fleet. If they have a quality fleet of cars that they work hard to maintain, then this show a true commitment to providing the best customer experience. At Falcon Cars our fleet is diverse and distinguished. 

Not only can you get access to cars that are luxury style, but if you want something more casual we have these in our fleet as well. Our fleet contains vehicles that can accommodate different numbers of people such as 8 seaters. And we make sure to provide the needed conveniences clients may want in order to feel comfortable while riding with us. This would include air conditioning, access to music and comfortable seating. 

Below is a short list of some of the cars we have in our fleet. Understand that our selection isn’t limited to these: 

Saloon Cars

Estate Cars 

7 Seater 

8 Seater 

Any image you want to convey we have the perfect car option to help you give off that image. Whatever impression you want to make, we have a car that will be perfect for it. Every car in our fleet is  insured and is inspected on a consistent basis in order to make sure there are no potentially dangerous problems. 

Ready to ride in style and get an experience that will leave you wanting more? Are you ready to experience what it’s truly like to be treated in a top flight way with a driving service? If you are then we’re the minicab service for you. Give us a call or contact us through email in order to make a booking. 

We operate 24/7 ,Feel free to contact us on 

Phone No : 02075114211

E-Mail : info@falconcarslimited.co.uk