Airport Transfer

At Falcon cars we know that it can be tough for customers to decipher how to get from airport to the particular place they want to go. We’re well equipped to get you from the airport to wherever you need to go and in style. By using our service you can get all of your airport transfer concerns taken care of the right way.

Chauffeur Services

At Falcon cars we believe in order to provide you with the best chauffeur experience we must provide you with good drivers and good vehicles. In fact we can take it a step further and say the aim should be great drivers and great vehicles. We believe we do a good job of this. First, we have a fleet of luxury cars that are designed to help you convey the look and image you want to convey.

Sightseeing Tours

At Falcon cars we know that simply getting to and from the airport might not be the only thing you’re concerned about. Sometimes you want to take in the city and enjoy some of the sights that you would otherwise miss out on. Well if this is the case then you’ll appreciate the sightseeing services we provide. You’ll get an experience you won’t forget.

Account Services

When you have an account with Falcon cars you can expect to have access to difference services that will provide you a sense of convenience that’s hard to match. Our goal is to provide clients with top notch services in every area possible. We understand that there’s a lot of competition out there as far as minicab services go. So here is what we offer through our account services:

Special Events

At Falcon Cars we understand that when it comes to special events, people are serious about them. These can be events they have been looking forward to attending for a while or went through a lot in order to plan. These special events can range from being a major concert, a sporting event or even a party. In any case you need to make sure your plans aren’t ruined by arriving late